Monday, April 4, 2011

Alors. Elle est belle, la vie. On se lêve, on travaille, on se couche. Tu répètes. Donc, c'est poulet blanc et blanc poulet. Il ne faut pas chercher midi à quatorze heure.

Last week was like a New Years Eve Party... This week was like a hangover.

Well, actually no, I was just sick for half of it. NO FUN. It was like a sore throat on day, and feverish stuff the next few days. One night I was teaching English class and I almost passed out while writing on the board. I had to go sit down. It was the first time I've really been sick on my mission. The thing is, is that even though I was sick I just felt like a worthless piece of crap sleeping around in the apartment, so for the most part I kept up our hectic schedule. We had another sweet week with tons of lessons and tons of success, but it was just really hard at the beginning of it. But, I'm all better now.

Some funny things this week:

Elder Pieper and I both chose 6 apostles for our "general conference fantasy team."
The bishop tried to give us the tithing records when we asked for a ward list. "just close your eyes" he said.
April Fools Day. Period.
We gave Fred a Snow White sticker. It relates to his baptism because of the scripture "though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."
A african woman came up to us at a bus stop and kept whispering in our ears "I have a secret!" She wouldn't tell us though. She told us she wanted us to call the prophet so she could tell him.

General Conference rocked. It never fails to lift me up. It also never fails to make me really miss home :)

This week we taught Fred the Word of Wisdom in preparation for his baptism. We were kind of scared because he is a young college kid, so obviously he is probably not going to be perfect on the whole "don't drink, don't smoke" thing. Well, we taught it and he told us that it was something he really wanted to do. The next night he called me and told me that he had resisted going to the party with all his friends because he knew there was going to be drugs and alcohol there. Fred! He said "I want to see you guys like as much as possible because everytime I do it gives me so much strength to be better." He is legitly one of my heros.

I remember when I was back in Evry I would always be jealous of the sisters because they had so many people to teach. I said to myself "If I could have so many people to teach, I would be SO happy." Well, right now on my mission I AM that happy. We teach so much! It's exhausting but I'm infinitely more satisfied than I ever was in Evry. Next week we are going to try to have 20 lessons.

One reason why Elder Pieper and I are a good companionship is because we are both huge optimists. For us, everything in the world is "awesome," "sweet," or "chouette." We're like two guys from the South and everything we see is "peachy, just peachy." As if that's not enough we actaully do speak with Southern accents. I don't know why, but his accent brings out my southern accent and we just have a peachy old time.

Oh! I got a phone call this week from Michel in Brest. He finally talked to his advisors and he will be getting baptized in a couple weeks :) That makes me feel like everything in Brest was worth it :)

Our Heavenly Father is watching us. He loves us. He has sent angels to be all around us. The world may change and degrade as it will, but His work with go on unhindered. That is something I have come to now. I love you guys. Sorry this email is kind of scatterbrained. I hope you have a sweet action week :) You're the best :)

Elder Coburn

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