Monday, November 14, 2011

This morning i whipped up a big bowl of crêpe batter. Mmmm. Vanilla, sugar, milk, flour, eggs... the works. So then I make a crêpe. It turns out perfect. Second crêpe? Perfect. Then for the third crêpe I invite Elder Stepheson (the British one) into the kitchen to make his first ever crêpe. His first, ever, crêpe. So he makes it. Perfect. Then this: crêpe slides off the pan onto plate, pan slams into batter bowl, batter bowl spills all over kitchen floor, batter seeps under oven and shelves, first ever crêpe becomes last ever crêpe. So three of us had a crêpe and then we all helped clean up. We couldn't stop laughing. I didn't care whatsoever that it was gone. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow. We all get along so well here. I cant' remember the last time I got mad on my mission. It doesn't accomplish anything. But on the other hand... neither does spilt crêpe mix :)

Our week was great. We had four amis at church yesterday. One was Georges, a french man that we are working with for baptism, one was the daughter of a member that we are going to go see for fhe tomorrow night, and the other two were a mother and her daughter that we started teaching this week. They were my favorite ones. She is a middle aged woman and she has a 13 year old handicapped daughter that is deaf. Ten minutes through sacrament meeting I got a call from her saying that their tire had burst on the way to church. So a member of the bishopric and I high tailed it out of there to go pick her up. I was so proud of the effort she had made to get to church. We picked her up and got back right before the intermediate musical number -which was me and Elder Hales (lucky that we got back on time). We did another organ-piano duet. This time I was on the organ and Elder Hales played piano. We did an arrangement of Away in a Manger and Angels We Have Heard on High. Yes we are pumped for Christmas, yes I was wearing a Christmas tie, and yes we bought and decorated our Christmas tree last Pday. Anyway. So church was good and the ward was really helpful with her daughter. Then afterward Elder Hales and I drove back to her car with a different member and changed her tire for her (in our suits in the freeeezing cold foggy morning). I think she was really touched by all our help. It was perfect because earlier that week I had told her that, as James tells us, " Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction." time). She just happens to be a widow. I had told her that the fulfilling of this scripture was something that she was going to see at church, and we sure had the chance to fulfill it :) So that was good.

This week we went into Paris twice. Once for zone conference with Elder Kopischke, and then again two days later for zone leader council with Elder Kopischke. Elder Kopischke is the man. He is SUCH a good teacher. Instead of just making me feel good and happy he just showed me how much more good and happy I can be. He teaches in nothing but parables, scriptures, and stories. He talked a lot about dreams, desire, and faith. They were the kind of meetings that you wish all your friends and family could have been at because they were so good. I have a lot of new things and fresh perspectives I am trying out now. And no dad, I didn't say anything about how "President Monson and I are super tight." :)

Erasto is really good. We are reading a chain of scriptures with him this week and fasting with him on tuesday.

Transfer email comes out this saturday. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY MISSION?!?! Transfers come and go so fast now. We are really really scared about Elder Hales getting transferred. He has been here 3 transfers, and we have been together for 2. Normally he should stay at least 4 transfers, but not many people ever do 3 transfers together. I really really want him to be here for Christmas. I mean, president has to leave him, we already picked our secret santa names!!! Well, we'll pray for that and we'll see this saturday.

It was a good eventful week. Next week will be even better :)
Love you loads!!

Elder Coburn (mom's snuggly wuggly little baby Ben)

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