Saturday, February 11, 2012

Transferred :( I am sad that I only got to stay two transfers in a city again. I am sad to leave Pascale and the ward. But,

I'M GOING TO BE A DADDY!!!! I am going to be a trainer in the city of Nantes. Nantes is actually a really sweet city. I passed through once when I was out in Brest and I've always thought it would be sweet to serve there. Once again, I have a monster transfer to get there. It will probably be about 4 hours of train riding on the TGV (fastest passenger train in europe). Nantes is on the west coast of France. I will once again be in a four man apartment. I am going to be district leader which will be a first, and my "blue" and I will be whitewashing.

Here is my new address,

Les Missionnaires
Elder Benjamin Coburn
8, rue Lamoricière-Villa Lamoricière
44100 NANTES

I love you!!! I will email you again on monday. Transfers are Wednesday

BENJI !!!!!

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