Monday, May 7, 2012

153 to 165 this week. And mom, I'm slightly offended that you think I'm exaggerating :)

Well Elder Murdock is getting transferred and I am resting cozy in Nantes to finish my mission. Elder Murdock is going to Troyes- a really neat city not far from Reims. My new (and last) companion is Elder Dunn. He is from Greeley, Colorado and grew up with Tanner :) So to follow the mission terminology, it is Elder Dunn that is going to "kill" me. 

Rebecca came to church on Sunday which was awesome. We've been praying for her and her baby so much. She really liked it, she said she might be ready for baptism in about a month :) So we will probably fix a date with her this Saturday when we go to see her. She is regaining faith little by little. Jean bore his testimony on Sunday. It was one of those "tear-your-heart-out-I-just-love-this-guy" sort of testimonies. He is such a trooper. He cried when Elder Murdock told him that he is getting transferred. It was so sad. He just got all quiet, then started crying, then kept saying "may God protect you." He treats us like royalty. Audrey (the other équipe's ami) got baptised on Saturday and more than half the ward was there. Audrey is super cool. She is french, 24 yrs old, getting her masters in law... really cool. I was a witness for the baptism, and the first time her dress didn't make it all the way under. I was only pretty sure that that meant we had to redo it, and the other witness wasn't really sure either. So I told them to redo it, and the same thing happened again (remember that like 100 people are watching). So before I asked them to do it again I ran over to the bishop just to make sure and he confirmed that yes, the dress needs to be all the way under. So we did it again, she tucked the dress in between her legs, and the third time was the charm. In french they say "Never two without three." Jamais deux sans trois. It was really cute though and she was happy to have gotten "that much cleaner." 

The ties keep piling up on my "already worn it" rack and all the members and other missionaries keep teasing me about being so close to the end. This week Elder Murdock went up to  Belgium to do some stuff for his legality and so I had a day in Paris with some of the other trainers. Another missionary and I went to the Catacombs of Paris. Underneath Paris they have 6 million skeletons worth of bones that you can walk through. That place is going to get groovy during the resurrection. It really made me think about life. Good thing I know what I know or that would've been a really depressing experience.

Oh, also we've been having problems with our sink clogging up all transfer, so on Saturday we had a member come over to try and work on it, but he couldn't fix it. There was a humungo build up of like sediment 2 or 3 meters down the pipe. After lots of using a snake, and a plunger, I was finally able to stick a garden hose down the pipe and push and push until it was all pushed out the end. It was the most wretched smelling crap ever. So gross. Like if we had left it much longer I am convinced it would've formed a rock down there. But now it works like a charm and I learned a bunch about plumbing. Woohoo!

Cool. Not a whole lot else to talk about here. Sounds like a lot of fun at home with Jessica! I'm excited to do work in the backyard with dad and Jordan this summer. That sounds so good right now. Good job cutting down that tree. Sounds like it took some good brainwork to get it all down. Like a video game, as Dad said. Annnd, Jordan makes a really cute toddler. 

Love you all!


OH MY GOSH. ps. I will be calling you on Sunday. Will you email me as soon as possible and tell me when your church is and when the best time for me to call would be? Then I will email during the week to tell you when I'll call.

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