Monday, September 27, 2010

Well, my first transfer is OVER. So fast. I'm already three and a half months through my mission. But as Elder Riley figured out for me this morning that is still 15,260 hours left... compared to his 48 hours. Hah.

This week has been good. We deep cleaned our apartment, got along REALLY well, and had tons of teaching appointments with members present. Out of five people who promised they would come to church we came away with two. Not too bad. They were both really good. One of them was Jérôme, he really liked it. He stayed for half an hour afterwards and just talked to people. He is the single black man from Cameroun. We taught him this week with a man named Frère N'Tamag. Apparently it was super inspired because it turns out that Frère N'Tamag is from the same side of Cameroun and they speak the same rare african dialect. After that lesson Elder Riley told me something funny. During the lesson I had asked Frère N'Tamag a question, but apparently I had addressed him as Frère Emmental. Emmental is a type of cheese. Oops. I guess we know whats on my mind though.

Elder Riley has been a really big blessing. I've learned so much from him. He has stayed in missionary mode so well even though he is going home so soon. It'll be sad to leave him. My new companion will be Elder Hann. A Scotsman, and the shortest elder in the mission. Brilliant.

One night this week we didn't have anything to do so we decided to travel to the furthest reach of our area to visit a less active family. Well, originally we were going to visit a less active family, but by the time we got there, we only had half an hour before the last train home. I don't know what happened but somehow we ended up eating pastries and walking around the cutest french town EVER (am I my mother's son?). It is all built around a castle from the 1200's. SO COOL. Oh, the town is named Dourdan. like Dan. Dourdan.

OH!!!! Guess who committed there first person to baptism yesterday?!?! I don't know if I've told you about him. His name is Mr. Wata. Like water said with a gangster african accent.We always teach him outside under a tree. We have taught him three times now. He is really cool, really poor, and really happy. He has a wife and two little kids, but for now his wife is always working. He told us that he believes everything we've said is true. Haha, when I asked him if he'd be baptized there was about a minute of silence before he said anything. I was just thinking "he's going to say yes, he's going to say yes." After about the first 10 seconds of silence I really wanted to say something to clarify the question because I had been nervous and kind of jumbled the words out of my mouth. I felt like he was thinking about it and I felt the Spirit so I decided to not say anything. After fiddling with his hands for a minute he said "Was there a question?!" OF COURSE THERE WAS A QUESTION! Oh la. I need to settle down. Anyway, he said of course he would be baptized!

I went to my first french hospital. One could say I went to well... heck. Let's just all hold hands and be REALLY thankful that we have nice hospitals. If I ever get hurt on my mission (I won't), I will nurse myself back to health from the comfort of my apartment. I'll spare you from anymore detail. We went there to visit the investigators mother who we gave a blessing last week. She loves us.

Love from Paris,
Elder Coburn

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