Saturday, March 12, 2011


Well the transfer email came today and I am leaving Brest!

I am going to Reims!!! It is in between Paris and Belgium. It's really hard to pronounce. Its kind of like "ramce" and you don't pronounce the m.

Umm... I've never been there but I'm reallllllly excited. Apparently it is huge and has one of the prettiest cathedrals in France. Look it up.

I'm am going senior companion! I'm excited/scared, but mainly excited. My companion is Elder Pieper (pronounced piper). He is going into his 3rd transfer. I can't wait to meet him. I heard he is exactly like me. He is from Kentucky (closer to home than anyone else in the mission) and went to BYU. Yesssss :)

I'll be sad to leave a lot of specific things in Brest, but I wanted to go and Elder Huff wanted to stay, so we're all happy :)

I leave on wednesday. I'm sooooo excited.

My new address is

Elder Benjamin Coburn
Les Missionaires
135 Boulevard Pommery
51100 REIMS

Love you!!!!

Elder Ben Coburn

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