Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy week. We went to Angers again for another conference. This time we drove our car to Rennes (about 3.5 hours) and then rode trains to Angers (about 2 hours). Our mission is gigantic. It is going to expand again in June to include Nancy and Strasbourg. So... basically it's over 8 hours to get across the mission on the world's fastest train. Apparently it's about the equivalent of driving from Salt Lake City to Vancouver. Yeah...

This week we had two really neat lessons with an African named Mounmom (almost like Mormon, huh?) He lives an hour away from us so we saw him on the way to, and on the way back from Rennes. He is single with 3 grown up kids. We actually had one rendez-vous with him a few weeks ago but didn't think he was going to go anywhere. But so this week we saw him again and spent almost our entire lesson on prayer. He said that he couldn't pray. He is a lifelong long Christian, he just has never been able to pray in his life. He says that the words don't come as soon as he opens his mouth. SO, that rendez-vous passed without him praying and us telling him we wanted him to pray next time we saw him.

The next time we saw him we had one of the most spiritual lessons I've had on my mission. We could see him changing during the lesson as he began to feel the Spirit. At the beginning he was closed and stuck on his ways, but he just slowly opened up the whole time and by the end we were all almost crying. It came time for the closing prayer and I said "well, have you succeeded in your prayers since last time?" Then he was just like "let's pray." And... he said a prayer for the first time in his life. It was one of the best I've ever heard.

During weekly planning last week I made the goal to be able to play the mission song on piano by zone conference. And well, zone conference came and I hopped my little self up on that piano bench and pounded out my own little rendition of our mission song complete with key slides down the piano and everything :) Shannon was kinda my inspiration for that one because I remember her playing it one time for the Columbus mission's song. Our's is better though ;)

There's a ton more stuff that I should tell you but I don't really have time. Time is a funny thing. It's kinda frustrating. I just want to talk to you guys for real. Speaking of talking however... phone call in two months!

I miss you guys. You are the best family ever. I like to brag about you.

Love, Elder Coburn... the 4th?

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