Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear family!

Well, here I am in the lovely city of Nancy. My new address is a winner... plenty of random letters, numbers, and slashes. Here it is:

Elder Benjamin Coburn

Les Missionnaires

B.P. 614d 13/15, Blvd. Joffre

54000 NANCY


I really love this city already. That was kind of to be expected though, it's Nancy! It's one of the cities that a lot of missionaries want to go to. It's also a brand new addition to the mission so it's all mysterious n' such. On Friday Elder Hales and I went to the mission home for a zone leader conference. The mission home is reallllly nice. It was the first time I had been back to the mission home in more than a year!! It was so cool. We all sat around the big dining room table and discussed the 'finer matters of the mission.' I felt like dad in a fancy business conference setting. It was all in french which was really cool. I feel so comfortable around President Poznanski. He is kind of like... dominating. Everything in the mission is getting streamlined and whipped into shape. I love it. President Poznanski and his wife will be out here in Nancy this weekend for stake conference and we (the four elders in Nancy) are trying to get them to come over to our apartment for dinner. That would be sweet... I'd be the one cooking :) Our apartment is smack dab in the center of Nancy. We live on the 12th story of a big building right across from the train station. That is way convenient because we take trains multiple times each week to get to other cities and other missionaries. Because we're zone leaders we will soon be visiting the three districts in our zone to give trainings. We are going to be talking about "being a consecrated missionary." We want to discuss how Heavenly Father will always keep his promises if we keep ours too. If we are consecrated missionaries, Heavenly Father will grant us the miracles and the baptisms that we are seeking. We will also be leading a training for the whole zone during interviews and we will be talking about "spiritual finding." Relying on our faith to find new people to teach, instead of relying on ourselves. We want each companionship to be able to find a young new family to teach this transfer.

The work in Nancy seems pretty slow right now. It's a huge change after Reims. This week we had a whopping 1 lesson, and it was with a lady that we found in a park one afternoon (it was actually a really really great lesson though). The ward is about the same size as Reims, but a lot more lively. Nancy is the stake center and it is the biggest chapel I've ever seen in France. There is even a gym there! What a luxury!!

Okay, I've got to go. We're going to the church to play 4 square with the other Nancy team tonight. Sweet.

Sounds like all is going well on the home front. I love you guys.


Elder Coburn

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