Monday, October 17, 2011

Well yesterday marks... (drumroll)... 16 MONTHS. Sixteen hard cold months. One month for every year that Jordan is old. 42 months. 1.33333 years.

So that's kinda weird.

We had once again a great week. We've been on a roll. I'm starting to become more "satisfied" with the work in Nancy the longer I'm here and this past week was definitely our best. We had several occasions to teach lessons with members present and a good number of other lessons too. We're starting to work really well with certain members and gaining a lot of confidence from the ward.

Our big miracle this week was the following: For several weeks now we've been working with a less active named Josselyn who has recently been coming to church a lot more. He is 19 years old. This week we had a rendez-vous set with him, and then he canceled it the day of (which has been a bit of a trend in the past). I told him I was kind of bothered that he kept doing that, and then we set a rendez-vous for the next day with him promising me that he'd be there. The next day we were at the church waiting for him and I kind of was getting bugged again because it was 30 minutes past the hour and he still hadn't showed up. So I kept playing piano, etc, etc. Then the doorbell rings and it is Josselyn and his friend Kevin. Kevin is the kind of kid that I just want to reach out to and hug. He was dressed in all black, a little bit shy, and had his head hanging down underneath his long hair. He is also 19 years old. His family situation is a disaster and he had came to Josselyn, an old friend, needing help. That is why Josselyn had canceled the rendez-vous the day before. Josselyn, also a shy person, felt that the gospel of Jesus Christ was the only real cure for Kevin's situation. Through tears and embarrasment Kevin told us about his problems and how he has never believed in God. He told us that he was about as far as anyone could ever be from having faith and that he felt more alone than ever. What do you say to that? We taught him about his worth and we taught him about God. We said everything that we felt like we should. In the end it was a spiritual rendez-vous and Kevin and Josselyn walked back out of the church into the cold afternoon. After that I didn't really think we were going to see Kevin again. But, low and behold, guess who shows up on Sunday wearing a suit? I think it was the first time in Kevin's life that he had put one on. It was Josselyn's dad's suit. He was at church for all three hours. During priesthood we took him out and taught him the Plan of Salvation. It was one of those times when it all just makes perfect sense. Kevin had changed since the first time we had seen him. He had a little bit of light shining in his face. He said that as he had listened to Josselyn's prayers throughout the week, he had started to think or believe that maybe there actually was something there. Josselyn said that it was like we were in a dark room and he had grabbed Kevin's hand and put it on the iron rod. Kevin also said that ever since the first time he walked into the church that good things had started happening in his life. He sang all the hymns with us too. We are going to see Kevin tomorrow to teach him about the Restoration. Please pray for him :) I'll attach a picture of us three.

We recieved our new missionary this week. Elder Stephenson from England! He is from Sheffield. We really really like him and are having a great time. It is his first transfer and he is super excited about the work which is awesome. Oh happy chuffin' days.

Erasto is doing well but couldn't come to church this week. Umm... we are going to Luxembourg again this week. Wish us luck ;)

okay I've got to go. I pray for you and love you. Keep having fun over there :)

Love, Elder Coburn

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