Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wow. Six weeks goes by so fast huh? Elder Hales and I are both staying in Nancy another transfer :) :)
The other companionship that lives with us is changing though. Elder Burke is leaving and and Elder Bise is staying to train a new missionary. NO JOKES WILL BE PLAYED ON HIM... none. We think he will be French.
So all four of us are hoping to stay another transfer after that and be in Nancy for Christmas. Elder Bise (who I ADORE) and his bleu are basically for sure staying for Christmas because of a new two transfer training system. Elder Hales and I would be going three transfers together if he stays for Christmas and we are just okay with that. Elder Decker (Sean, my roommate) just became zone leader in Belgium. I love him.
It has gotten really really cold and wet here lately. Yuk. How is Cleveland? Good I hope. The trees here are so pretty. One of my favorite parts of this region are all the hills and mountains and the colorful trees all over them :)
K. That's my two cents. Love you!!!!!!!!

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