Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello :) I started writing a song last night at the church about the feelings that I've been having about getting closer and closer to the end of my mission. It's about the two me's: the half that wants to stay and the half that is ready to go. But, the casual listener (haa) would think that it is about like a relationship. I just have the first two verses:

We've never been,
so far apart
Close to the end,
feet from the start

Who told this tale,
who wrote this song
Where time stands still,
till time is gone.

And now I'm too scared to keep writing until I'm back at the piano. Everything is almost ready for Jean's baptism. Pray that the next time I write you I will have baptism pictures to send you and that I will be full of smiles. It's always so scary the closer that you get to the baptism. You just start having all these crazy thoughts about what could go wrong and why the baptism wouldn't happen. Blech! Free agency is a bum sometimes and it scares me to death. Nothing will happen with Jean though. He is so prepared and so excited for his baptism. We already tried on baptismal clothes and made the program. He can't wait and neither can we :) Back in Lille, Pascale is still doing really well. She is becoming more and more prepared for her baptism one week after Jean's. I love them both. Isn't it great to have faces that define your mission? I guess I might not have realized it at the beginning, but the reason I came on my mission is to meet and love real people. Not just nameless people disguised as baptismal statistics (i think that is and Elder Holland quote). The individual people from my mission are what makes it fulfilling.

How is everything going for Caleb and Jessica? When is their date??? Jordan and I are the only two Coburn bachelors left. That's hot. Ha. It sounds like mom gave and extraordinary talk on Sunday, and that Jordan is a super missionary with all those babes. Oh! AND BRAD'S GOING TO THE MTC THIS WEEK!!!! He is going to be the most excellent missionary. I am genuinly proud of him and so impressed by who he is. I would love to be like him when I grow up :)

Oh man... my time on my account is almost up. I don't know what to say. I'm freaking out. Oh man oh man oh man. I hope you like the pictures I sent you this week? Hah. Is BYU in March Madness? I love sports so much. I miss having time to play them. I really liked all your letters this week. Ps, how are Josh and Shannon doing? I here from them less. Has Josh decided where he is going next for school?Is Shannon still the most sister-in-law? Our family is legit. I love you guys. I love all my friends too. I have been blessed with so many very good, very close friends. Life is so good. Heavenly Father loves us so much :)

Elder Ben

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