Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear family,

Well I'm 21. You'd thing that someone would like hit the pause button on life once in a while. But no... Oh well, at least I am old enough to do about anything that life can offer me now. Sweet right? We are going to go to Subway for lunch and then go play frisbee in the park. Elder Burke made me some muffins for breakfast. Elder Murdock drew me some cartoon stuff to illustrate all of our funny companionship moments. Then we all cleaned the apartment and here we are doing a little emailing. Good stuff :) Mom, I haven't gotten the package yet, but it could very well still come today. Thank you in advance :) So guess what you skinny little Benny Boy did this week?! Benched 135. I've been working on that since like freshman year. Mm-mm, good. Now I can fit in with all the "bros" when I go to the gym. Bros like Caleb that have been doing that much weight since they were birthed.

Hmm. So as far as missionary work goes, we only had the most bombin' week since we've been in Nantes. We found a lot of new people through our morning contacting before lunch sessions, and one of them came to church and we will see him for the third time on Tuesday. We are starting to teach this sweet Portugese couple that came to church for the last two weeks, and a few other really cool people. Rebecca from last week couldn't come to church, but she promised us that she will be there next week. We taught more this week than any other week together so far. Like, way more. Maybe it is because I benched 135... hmm.

Remember how Elder Murdock and I were the only two Ohians in the mission? Well this transfer a new missionary came in from Beavercreek!! Elder Anthony Aleccia. Do you know him? I don't remember who he is but we know all the same people. I will see him in a few weeks at interviews. So that is sweet. I guess I will leave the mission with a righteous posterity.

Hmm, what else to say. I don't know. I'm twenty one. That's kind of cool. SO JEALOUS that Mom and Jordan are in London right now. That's what I should've asked for for Christmas. What was I thinking with New York? Duhh Ben?! Just kidding, I am very happy for them to be there. Sounds like they are doing some pretty neat things. Mom, I feel "close" to you too :)

For Easter (La Pâcques in french), the ward did a special little program and read out of the bible for sacrament meeting, with an extra few hymns scattered here and there. It was nice. Dad, to answer your question, I think that French people mainly are thankful for Pacques because they get a day off. The members are pretty reverent and happy for it though. We have good members. The other companionship here is teaching an amazing young adult girl that is going to get baptised in a few weeks. Her name is Audrey and she rocks.

Okay, it's time to go. Thank you for the best 21 years I've ever had. I am way too blessed. My prayer this morning was a lot more sincere than usual- I am so thankful for everything my life has become in the short time that I've been on earth. What a blessing to be here and to be in a family with you. Up to us now, who are so blessed, to bless others with what we have :)

Birthday Boy Benny Boy

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