Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, what a pleasant week. Pascale had a beautiful baptism up in Lille. We talked on the phone on Sunday night after conference and she sounded so happy. It is amazing for me just to watch her life change. I really didn't do that much for her and neither did any of the other missionaries after me though- Her conversion is a masterpiece of the Spirit. I can't imagine how I, Ben Coburn, could ever make someone's life change as much as hers has. The Spirit is everything. It is the missionary that doesn't ever give up on an investigator and is there to teach them day and night. Elder Godfrey (after being transferred to Paris a week ago) still got to go up and be the one to baptise her and I am grateful for that. I am excited for you guys to meet her, and I am excited to see her again :) She is without doubt one of the most defining people of my mission and even my life.

Back on the home front, Elder Murdock and I have decided to not eat lunch everyday until we have found one new person to teach. This prooved especially challenging on Saturday when we stayed out in the toasty and humid sun until 3 o' clock. We had found several people that we could've rationalized and said counted, but none of them had actually given us there number or fixed a rendez-vous with us. So in my mind there was just this big internal struggle about whether to count it and go in, or stay out in the heat. Luckily though, my daddy didn't teach me to give up so we stayed out. It wasn't 5 minutes after having firmly decided that in my mind that we met Rebecca. She said that she has been looking for a church for the last two months since she has been in Nantes. Since we were the ones to find her, she said she was going to come to our church. So we are going to see her and her 2 month old baby this week :) We are re-learning once again what it means to have faith and be diligent. Blessings all around :)

Also, at general conference this weekend (which rawked) there was a really neat Portugese couple that came in and watched the Sunday morning session. They really liked it, I gave them a Book of Mormon in Portugese and in French, and they said they will be at church next week :) Jean was also at conference with all of the smiley jubilee that is so characterstic of him. He always tells us he loves us. His heart is full of love.

On Saturday and Sunday there was a gigantic market all through the city. So many people everywherrrre. You could hardly walk down the streets they were so crowded. I've seen a lot of markets in France, but this was for sure the biggest. They were selling clothes, food, perfume, glasses, tourist stuff, music, hygeine supplies, technology.... actually they were selling everything.

Okay, I love you! You are great!

Love, Elder Benjamin

ps, I am getting older one week from today :)

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  1. Hi Ben, You are probably in shock that I am sending a comment - but just wanted you to know that I have read and kept up with your mission through your blog and have enjoyed it so much. I can't believe it is nearly time for you to come home. It has been wonderful to share in all your experiences and to feel your enthusiasm through your words and your special spirit. I have been inspired many times as I have read your blog. Hope you have a wonderful week and a great birthday!! Love, 'Aunt' Char