Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It has been a GREAT week :)

It is pretty warm here since we're right on the ocean. It's nice. A lot warmer than it sound out in Ohio with all the snow n' such.

First of all. Yesterday may have been the greatest P Day ever. We went to see some standing stones (like an ancient stone henge thing), and then we found some old ruins to play in, and then we realized that we were on the beach, and then we realized it was the MOST GORGEOUS place we had ever been. I adore France. The waves there were at least 20 feet tall and they were just pounding onto the coast. On the coast there were cliffs, lighthouses, ruins, etc. The place we went was about a 45 minute drive from Brest. The drive was fun. We listened to old school french hymns the whole way. I'm pretty good at driving in France. It's a stick. The best is when we are in the middle of French countryside going through farms and trees and everything and there isn't a person in sight. There are windmills all over the place too :) So... we like it here.

Missionary work is going better too. We have a few people to see now. The branch is doing a really cool expo thing that we can take people too. It is basically a really big display set up throughout the church explaining who we are. On Saturday we started talking to a guy on the street and ended up walking him through the whole expo. The branch president was there, and they became friends, and boom, magic.

So for district meeting we have to travel a lot. We either do it in Rennes (2.5 hour train ride), St. Brieuc (1.5 hour train ride), or in Brest (home). So this week we were in St. Brieuc. And well, there is a new missionary in our district named Elder Shumway. Let's just say that my legs were sore the next day from carrying him up 20 stairs. The kid weighs a solid 300 pounds. Yeah. I did it all by myself (proud of me mom? It's a big step up from running around with you on my shoulders).

Oh! We finally got an investigator to church. It was Michel, our solid ami that we've had since we got here. We went to his apartment and 8:15 in the morning, and walked with him to the church. We got there half an hour early to set up chairs and everything and he loved it. He stayed there all three hours and then some. He is making good progress towards baptism.

This week we also went down to the city of Quimper. "The City of Art." We had to go down to get the car that we share with the missionaries there. It was an hour long drive back up after and hour and a half bus ride down. And yes, the country side was stunning. We're getting to be pretty well traveled out here in Bretagne.

One of the people we contacted this week was an African lady. As soon as she referred to "her country," impliing that it was in Africa, I lit up and was like "I LOVE AFRICANS!!" Well, not really like that, but close. I miss all my African friends in Evry.

You guys are doing well at home. Snowboarding, in particualar, it sounds like you are doing well with. I miss it. Not as much as I miss you though!

Love ya,
Elder Coburn

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