Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's a brand new year and my heart has been opennned, it's a brand new year and I'm seeing new ligghht. La dee da dee da.
Bonne Année 2011!!! Time flies. Remember how I started my mission way back in 2010? Yeah... During 2011 however, I am not going to see American soil one single time. To use a little bit of mission lingo, it's my 'blackout year.' Dunn, dunn, dunnn. I'm not scared though.

Let's see, I think the reason why the work in Brest hasn't been going too well in the past is because the missionaries here do nothing but eat with the members. At least that's our problem. In our two weeks here we have accumulated more food in our kitchen than we have eaten. Easily. Our fridge is loaded with cakes, pastries, fruits, and pork. All stuff we've been given. Now that the holidays are over though it's going to get a lot better. Well... "better." It really is frustrating though, we have hardly had any time to actually go out and find people that we can teach. All the missionaries just say "oh, it's the holidays, nobody wants to talk to us." Well the truth is that most people never want to talk to us, and the holidays are nothing special. I don't think holidays should be some excuse to sit around and not work. That being said though, Christmas and New years were so spectacular for me thanks to the members and the time we took to celebrate them.

It sounds like you guys are having way too much fun. I can't say I didn't get a little homesick reading about all the fun you had together up in the new mansion. I mean house. Those times when everyone is together are the times that I miss the most. Keep having them for me :)

I like Elder Huff a lot. I have had some of the deepest conversations of my mission with him. He reminds me A LOT of Caleb. We've talked a lot about the relationship between faith and miracles.

Library is closing. Love.

Elder Coburn

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