Monday, July 18, 2011

What was the best part about this week? THE WHOLE THING.

Ok. Mirco-Brandon Fai has got to be the best ami of my mission. Brandon is a marathon runner from Camaroon that is currently qualifying for the 2012 Olympics in London. He runs about 22 kilometers every morning and 15 kilometers everynight. He runs a marathon in 2 hr 10 min and a half marathon in 1 hour. That is about a 4:30 mile pace. He is trying to break the world record. He is a native english speaker and has been Christian his entire life. He is the most kind, sincere, and faithful 28 year old. When he first saw the Book of Mormon he lit up and told us that he has always loved listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. He listens to it on youtube after everytime he runs. He has always told himself that he was going to find the Mormons when he went to America, but he didn't know that it is all over the world! We met him on Monday and had another rendez-vous with him on Tuesday morning. When we showed him the baptismal font he said "so what do I have to do to be baptized?" At this point we looked at each other and just didn't really know what to do. So we fixed a baptismal date (August 6th) and then taught the 1st lesson -in that order. He said he knows it is true and he believes. He came to church and Sunday and felt the Spirit. He said he is going to call his mom this week to tell her about everything and that she will be so happy. Brandon especially lit up when we told him that when he recieves the priesthood he will be able to baptize his whole family. He loves them (they are still in Camaroon). He is SO good. We saw him again this morning and I still just feel so good from being around him. He is so excited to be baptized. We are so excited for him to be baptized. We gave him a Mo-tab CD, a tie, and my old suit and he is eternally grateful. He said he hasn't worn a tie since high school :) He is going to Germany this week for a race and is taking his Book of Mormon.

Oh also, before he came to Europe, he was an African hunter. What does that mean? That means he outruns deer. Literally. He chases deer for 50 kilometers until they can't run anymore, and then he catches them and takes them home to the village, where the elders slaughter it. He also hunts rabbits, boars, and antelopes (also by outrunning them).

I can't wait to introduce you guys to him after my mission. I've got this idea churning in my head to do our vacation to France during the 2012 olympics (in August) so that we can also go up to London and watch him win the marathon :) Oh my oh my oh my. He is a blessing.

This week we also saw Berthe's daughter, Josée, and her children again. They are doing very well. We sang 'Be Stil My Soul' for them at the beginning of our rendez-vous (we also sang 'Where Can I Turn For Peace' during sacrament meeting this week) and it brought a wonderful spirit in. Josée and her three boys were also at church yesterday. She is amazing.

Unfortunately, our other ami with a baptismal date, Patrick, lost his phone this week and so we aren't really sure about that :(

Elder Bjerga and I are very excited to stay together another transfer (especially with our great amis). That will be 6 months that I am here!! Goodness gracious great balls of chocolate. There are times when I find myself wanting to leave and go live in a new city, but really there is no reason to! I am so happy here, the city is my favorite, and the people are the best! Reims Reims Reims. What a great place.

This morning Elder Bjerga and I tried to make a list of all the states and their capitals... we did pretty good... not. I don't remember very much at all. We got all the states after like 10 minutes (that dang Iowa!), but only like half of the capitals. Luckily I can name a lot of the regions in France and their capitals :)

Well. It's been a good week. Mom, that is awesome that you ran 6 miles. You're a babe. I love you. Dad, last night I wrote a list of about 20 specific reasons why I love you. Like when you would always come to my football games and track meets even though I insisted it wasn't worth it. You guys are awesome parents.

God bless America. and France.
Elder Coburn

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