Monday, July 4, 2011

For starters, here is a little video of us that you need to download and watch umm. Self explanatory.

Yesterday we had a little miracle. The bus times here in Reims just changed, and so we didn't catch the right bus to make it to church on time. We thought about walking, but in the end we decided we would wait for the bus and just be ten minutes late to church. When we got on the bus there was an African lady that looked at me as I passed. I thought to myself, "she looks exactly like Mama Marcelle from Evry" So I turned around, pulled off my plaque and showed it to her. She nodded her head and said 'Yes, this is my church.' I sat down next to her and found out this women, Berthe, had been baptized in the South of France in November. She has been in Reims for over a month and has not been able to find the church. She told me that she has been to the neighborhood several times looking for it, but has never been able to find it. This morning, she was on her way once again to search for it. What a miracle for us to run into her! What a miracle for us to have missed the bus! It once again strengthened my testimony about acting on inspiration. So Berthe came to church with us where she was warmly greeted by everyone.

After church I went to ask her if we could pass by to see her this week and she was like "Ok. This is what we're gonna do: you are going to come to preach to my daughter at home... and her 3 kids."

"Not a problem!!" I said. So we have a rendez-vous with this wonderful woman and her daughter on Thursday.

We also had a great experience contacting a young man on the way to Paris. He told us that "because he was sincere, God would tell him if it were true... by the Holy Ghost" So we should also be seeing him soon.

Hmm. Lots of things have made me miss home this week. We met an American couple on a honeymoon. We assisted at a family reunion where everyone was so happy to be with each other. We ate at Subway. I miss you guys!!! You are so great. America is great too. We just barely realized it is the 4th of July. Happy Fireworks!! Woohoo! In France we'll get all our firework shows on the 14th. Bastille Day!!

You know how P-day is actually "P-most-of-the-day?" Well we did our missionary work this morning so that it really is P-day from here on out. We went to see a less active boy in the ward that we really want to go on a mission. He was really honest with us and it made me happy that he felt that comfortable. He really wants to go on a mission so we are praying. He also showed us all his cool stuff for recording music , which Elder Bjerga and I both loved.

You know the voice that Jordan and I talk in a lot? DA VOICE?? Welll... Ewder Bjerga and I have Stawrted tawking wike dat... and der are wots uvv times wenn I think dat I am actuawlly tawking to Jordan. Yeah. It's wike weally weally weird. Yeahhh. SOMETIMES WE STAWRT TAWKING WIKE DAT AND WE CAN NEVERR EVERR STOPP!!


Elder Benny

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