Monday, July 25, 2011

Dearest Family,

This week Elder Bjerga had surgery for his ingrown toenail. Dis.Gus.Ting. If I ever get an ingrown toenail I think I would choose to just get it amputated and avoid the messy surgery. I've only looked at it once and that was more than enough for me. It's like all bloody and stitched up and demon like. So he's been on crutches all week/ keeping his foot elevated/ getting mothered by me/ still making me brownies. His surgery was on wednesday. It was literally a five minute surgery, and they kept us at the hospital for more than 11 hours. ELEVEN (insert your expletive) HOURS!! So that was sweet. At least we had a lot of time to feel sorry for his toe :)

So we stayed at home a lot this week but still got out and did some awesome things. Namely, we helped move a bunch of furniture to Berthe and Josée's house (Berthe is the member, Josée and her kids are the investigators). It was really really cool. The elders quorum got out in the cold and rain to take them all sorts of much needed furniture. Elder Bjerga stayed in the car the whole time but I got to get soaked and lift heavy wooden objects. It was actually really good and I really enjoyed it. The best part was the looks on their faces as they saw cupboard, after closet, after table being hauled into their barren apartment. Talking to one of the young boys, Berthe said "Do you know where all this comes from? Jesus." Unfortunately the family is going on vacation up to Belgium so we won't see them for a week. Oh well, they will come home to a well furnished house :)

Have you guys ever eaten rabbit? The french eat it all the time. It got served to us this week with garlic potatoes and salad. We also got served pork and pasta by a different lady, and taken to a restaurant by a really sweet member, and served beets and steak by another really sweet member. A lot of people took compassion on the gimp and I :)

Brandon was in Germany for a marathon this week so we haven't seen him, but we called him one night and he was so so happy to talk to us. We can't wait to see him again. I hope he won his marathon. Did you know that you can win like up to 100,000 euros for winning a marathon? Yuppers. The ward is really excited for his baptism on August 6th. So are we. Most of all, so is he :)

I LOVE MY COMPANION. I've had really good luck for the past while on my mission to be with such awesome people. Elder Bjerga is so loving and complimentary all the time. He knows everything about my family and friends. He actually really makes me miss Jordan because he acts like him so much and we play all the games together that Jordan and I played. Like... the animal game, the fish wiggle game, the talk in da voice game, the eep game, etc... So we're doing well :)

Speaking of Jordan- you saw Richie at efy?? Ugh. I miss him. Also it sounds like you were fully fashionable and smooth with the ladies. Good work.

Well, we have to go shopping. We literally have no food at our house. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. No. Food.

Elder Coburn

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