Monday, August 22, 2011

Just when I thought I was done missing home... Darn it. I really want to be with you guys.

We find out about transfers this Saturday so I will know if I'm staying or leaving. I love Reims and it's members. I have really developed a love for the people here. This week in zone conference President Poznanski said "it's true that every member is a missionary, but every missionary is also a member." That's exactly how I feel in Reims. I still feel like a missionary, but I also feel so at ease and at home with all these people. I hope that many of the friends I have made here will stay my friends forever. Earlier today we spent a great afternoon with our bishop and his wife. They took us to a Chinese buffet. It was really good. Caleb must have eaten well on his mission :)

President Poznanski is changing a lot of stuff for the better. At zone conference this week he was going through a list of things that need to change and I was like "woah, woah, woah! Not so fast!" Then I realized that he was kind of being like dad -taking care of business and not taking any crap (imagine dad hitting his hand on his palm like he does). Then I decided that I really really appreciated it because he was being like my dad and doing what needs to be done. It was awesome. For one part of conference he had us all close our eyes and raise our hands if we had been "100% obedient to certain rules during the last week." Well, my hand didn't get as much of an exercise as it should've and I felt about one inch tall for the rest of the day. Blech. So Elder Bjerga and I have been being about as perfectly obedient as we can since then. It's good.

Sounds like Caleb had an especially good time out in Arizona with Jessica last week! According to a picture Caleb sent me... she plays violin? If they happen to get married I'm going to start a band called "Me and All My Sister-in-Laws." No pressure on Jordan to marry a musical girl though... although it would be ideal if he could marry a cellist.

Josée is progressing a lot a lot. I am amazed at how much she trusts Elder Bjerga and I and how much she opens up to us. She will not be getting baptized this Saturday because of a few temporary roadblocks, but she is still very much in the 'moving foward' category. She comes to church and has us over as much as she can. I am not at all worried about her.

This week we have to go Rennes for Elder Bjerga to get his visa. Long story about why we have to travel halfway across France, but there are some medical visits and stuff, and he was by Rennes when he started the process, etc, etc... It'll be a nice trip though.

Mom, I am sorry about your rib. I didn't like reading about that. Haha, and you're right -it is very un-ladylike to get thrown across the boat. Is it really not going to be all the way better until I get home? I appreciated all the pictures you sent me of this last week's vacation. Quite the time you guys had :) Dad, your wakeboarding form has drastically improved since last time I saw it. You look like a pro. Was it on Lake Erie?? The water looked pretty calm. And... Caleb and Jordan have obviously been working out too much... thank you p90x. I'm glad Josh and Shannon got to come out for the week. Is that the second time they've been out to visit in Cleveland?

I love you all much. I miss you all much.

Elder Ben

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