Monday, August 1, 2011

Dearest Momsie and Popsicle.

You know how mom always tells me to "not feel like I have have to write a happy positive letter every single week?" Well I don't really know how to be 'unhappy,' but this week was a fairly hard. I feel like it was one of the least productive weeks of my mission. It's not that we weren't happy and smiling, but just that not a lot of things went through. The biggest news is that Brandon had to go to the south of France for three weeks for training. He actually won the marathon in Germany last week, and since he got back he has had a lot of meetings with sponsors and stuff and just been very busy. So we're pretty sad about that and scared about the future. It seems like something is a little different with him. He did say though that he could feel the power of our prayers during the marathon :) Berthe, Josée, and kids were still on vacation this whole week so we couldn't see them, and the rest of our investigators don't seem too interested lately. Sad face. We were able to see a whole lot of recent converts and less actives though! That was good. One of the few other lessons we were able to have was yesterday with an african lady named Lilanne. She has three adorable children that were great participants during the lesson, and they loved when Elder Bjerga and I sang them a couple hymns. We are going to go back to see her tomorrow :)

Luckily, the grass gets greener. There are two especially green things: First, the opportunity we have had to really re-analyze our missionary efforts. I don't know how many times on my mission I've had to re-analyze (a lot), but they are usually the times that I grow the most. It's like mom was telling me the other day - spiritual highs are inextricably connected with spiritual "hard times" and it will always be like that during our mortal experience. It's the "no joy = no misery" concept and I also am realizing how true it is. My mission has been a roller coaster. Since I've been in Reims I've had 4 separate baptismal dates and none of them have happened. Fred, Ivan, Patrick, and Brandon. Obviously I'm not falling on my sword (as dad would say), but it makes me kind of uneasy to think about that. Ok, I got sidetracked. The other especially green thing is that today on the computer there were 5 referrals waited for us. FIVE!! That is about the number of internet referrals I've gotten on my entire mission! So we have some people hunting to do this week :) I needed that miracle.

Oh, also awesome: this week I got a letter from a girl that randomly found my blog and decided to write me. That is a third "especially green thing." Shout out to Sabrina Peiffer from Queen Creek, AZ. Also, her little sisters colored me some pictures. You want to hear another especially green thing? This week we picked some grapes that were hanging over into the road and then we made fresh purple drink with it. And purple ice cubes. And purple treat (ice cream). Then we made pasta salad with red beats in it. PURPLE MEAL? Purple meal. So I guess that's not an especially "green" thing. It was awesome.

Elder Bjerga says he loves you guys. We literally talk about the Coburn household nonstop. And... we both cried and wet our pants earlier while reading Jordan's email. He is probably the funniest person I know.

Love love love.
Elder Ben

ps, wasn't this email's title the best?

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