Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Goodmorning, goodmorning, goodmorning. Put your hand down! You're smiling.
Yes sir.
Why you smiling?
I.. love football, sir.

Just a little shoutout to all you Remember the Titans fans.

Well. Mainly right now I am writing to you in the midst of excitement. We are going to Paris after emails and that means that I will see Elder Hales for the first time since our first day in the mission (he just got transfered there). I love him beyond words. Anyhow. No big deal or anything... just running around Paris with my best friend... all in a day's work.

It has rained for about a week and a half now. I don't really remember what it was like when it was not raining. It is kind of depressing some times. Oh well though, we don't have to get down just because the plants need water to get up.

Miracles are still happening like popcorn. It's hard to define 'miracle' though because for me a miracle is when there is toilet paper in the bathroom. Mama is a miracle though. Lastnight we stopped by her house and had a little lesson with her. Mainly we talked about the primary program earlier that day and about how she wished that her grandkids could have been (will be in the future) part of it. After about 30 minutes we told her we had to leave for another rendez-vous, to which she responded "What?! You haven't even eaten yet! I am your Mama, and my children don't come to their Mama's house without eating." So, we took our dinner to go. Fish and fried plantaines. It was the kind of fish that still have all the fins and skin on it. Yum yum. Also, earlier in the week we were at Mama's and I told her about how sometimes I really miss my family. She told me "There is no reason why you need to miss you family! They are over there, and we are over here. I am your mama now. Call me when you need anything." Clearly, she has no intention of stealing the place of my maternal mother (don't worry mom), but she certainly knows how to pamper up her children. This morning we saw her at the bus stop. It was a really cool experience for me because it showed that we are literally strengthening the stakes of zion. We hardly ever see church members around Evry, and then to see one that I had a part in bringing to the church was really cool. I don't know if you followed that.

This week for English class we played games. Like duck, duck, goose and I spy. Haha, sometimes it is a challenge to teach English class when you have a British companion because they have to make sure that you don't confuse pants with trousers and all that. Basically Elder Hann doesn't care for Americans all that much. On that subject, this week I learned that you should never make comments about Europeans smelling bad when you have a British companion. Oops... that was a tense train ride home.

I am very pleased with the new house :) Elle est belle, la maison. Good choice. That will be fun to come home to :)

French is coming very well lately. Sometimes I don't really realize how much of the time I am actually speaking French. I still make all of the phone calls for our companionship. Last night I was calling one of our investigators who is from England, but I completely forgot that he spoke English and so I spoke to him in French the whole time without even realizing it. Afterwards Elder Hann was like "why were you speaking French?" and I was like "danggg it." I'm finding that people in France like you better when you can speak their language. I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon out loud in French every morning and that has really been helping. I am always scared though because there can be days when French is so easy, but then the next day it will be SO hard. It wakes you up and shows that we really do rely on the Lord for the gift of tongues.

We didn't get to see Didier this week. He is pretty sick. We'll probably have to push his baptismal date back. Satan is a bum.

I don't have too much news to share really. We are working with a cool family where only the husband is a member. We are going to go do family home evening with them tonight :)

Have a SUPER week.

Elder Coburn

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