Monday, November 22, 2010

Well, I'd be lying if I said this week wast the best that I've EVER had. I say that every week, but i'm for real this time.

Well firstly, church was a dream yesterday. Elder Hann and I had 15 nonmembers there. The best part is that they all have the kind of testimonies that are going to keep them coming back. Nadege told all six of her kids that they were coming back every week from now on. Didier and his mom want to get baptized before I leave Evry. We've had to start setting aside certain rows in sacrament meeting for our investigators. We were so busy yesterday that we had to skip lunch. We didn't get to eat until nine. My stomach hurt so good.

There are a few other really cool new people we're teaching too, that didn't get to come to church this week. One is the 19 year old grandson of Mama, whose mom is in Congo still. He lives with Mama. It is really cool to teach someone my own age. Everytime we teach him we have to report back to Mama to tell her how it went. She wants him to be less prideful, but I think she has already tried to change him a lot without much success.

Another cool new teaching opportunity is a man named Justin and his wife. They didn't get to come to church either yesterday, but we got to have a lesson with them last night. Literally, the best first lessonof my life. For reals. They have been married for 3 months and are looking for a church. They have a 6 year old handicapped boy. The wife is SO cool. For example, we said one sentence, then she explained to her confused hubby about why she needed to be re-baptized. They said they were going to read the Book of Mormon as a couple after we left last night. They must be the best family I've ever met. We broke the ice with them in the first few mintues we were there and the rest was a miracle.

I keep asking myself if this is what missionaries in South America or Utah feel like. They dang better not take it for granted. We are so blessed!Miracles happen!

I have been serving next to Sister McClaine for my entire mission so far. We were in the mtc together and we've both been in Evry together for 3 transfers. She is really really cool. She kind of has the motherly role in my life. Hah. Oh, also, in a couple weeks I'll have been on my mission for SIX MONTHS. Woah. When did that happen? So fast.

In case you've been wondering, Evry is pronounced "Ay-vree" The Ay sound = like how you say the letter A. With the accent its évry, but i can't put an accent on a capital E. Ok this paragraph is confusing enough.

This week Taylor sent me a letter and it was the first letter that Elder Hann or I have gotten in OVER A MONTH. Well, that was all happy and good, until the zone leaders came over the next day and brought me EIGHT letters that had been piling up for me in the mission home. Eight. AHHKJIHAHH!!! All the other missionaries hated me for that. The letters were brilliant. I was going to save them and read one everyday for a week, but then I broke down and read every single one of them that night. Hahh.. Hugs and kisses to everyone who wrote me :)

We've had lots of good lessons with members present lately. On Saturday evening we coordinated it to have two lessons, with two different families, with two different members driving us to and from and participating in the lessons. Members work magic when they come with us.

Well, I have a testimony of missionary work. The Lord has a direct hand in it. He is doing amazing things right now. It would sure be a bummer to miss it. Hurrah for Israel :)

Elder Ben Q Coburn

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