Monday, November 1, 2010

Well, here I am. The last real week of another transfer. Mama's baptism is on Saturday and then I am expecting to get transfered out of Evry the following Wednesday. I'll know on Saturday if I'm going or staying. Despite loving Evry, I'd like to go.

Today is a holiday in France called "All Saints." They don't really celebrate Halloween. I only saw 4 little trick or treaters. Anyway, because its All Saints there are not very many buses and so we walked to emails this morning.

Back to Halloween: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!!! So old... So datable.

Also a little heads up: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! So young... So already married.

This has been a blessed week. We have ate at members houses 4 times. That must be some sort of a record for Paris.

All is well on the path to Mama's baptism. She couldn't be more excited. She fed us a big old African lunch this week. Delicious. She brought all 5 grankids to church this week. They got hooked on primary. Also she had a dream about all 5 of them getting baptized. Haha, the primary sang a song during sacrament meeting and the grandkids went up and sang too. Little Curtis, the 4 year old got to hold a picture and he stretched it high above his head the entire time :)

Last P-day we went ice skating. We were the oldest ones there.

We have an ami named Didier. We fasted the whole day before we saw him. He wants to get baptized. In our last rendez-vous I showed him the scripture about baptism in Mosiah 18 and he said the it answered the questions he has had his entire life. It was a miracle rendez-vous. We seem to be having lots of those lately. Evry will definately have more baptisms next transfer.

At Dominique's house this week we did a little dancing. Michael Jackson type dancing. We took a video and I cry every time I watch it. It is barely too big to attach in the email :( He is still coming to church nice and good though. It's hard for him because he is single and lives a long ways away. He has to get up early on Sunday mornings to take the bus.

October flew by. Every month on my mission has gone faster than the one before it. I don't know where all the time has gone already. Four and a half months!!

We met two of the meanest people of my mission this week. The kind that are lying through their teethy smiles and telling you to repent. One of them was telling us we weren't smart enough to preach and that there is no prophet named Thomas S. Monson. The other one kept saying "repentez-vous!" and that we were a church of the devil. He told us he didn't know what we believed but that his friend had told him that we were evil. Sick. Some people only have the intent to destroy and break down.

In happier news, have I told you about the Miracle of 2010? The paris mission got around 150 baptisms last year. Well, this year we have a goal of 300 baptisms and guess what? It's happening. We are getting really close. President Staheli said that he feels that every team can baptize at least once before the end of the year, and then we will get it. People are having baptisms all over France. It's never ever been like that before! Areas that haven't baptized in 15 years are having baptisms. It is really cool to be part of it :)

France is GORGEOUS in the Fall. All the trees are like fireworks. It helps that there are random bits of towers and castles scattered through them. I love it.

Elder Hann and I have been getting along just fine for the most part. We'd never be best friends, but I think this transfer has really helped him. This will be the first baptism he has seen in 14 transfers.

In sacrament meeting this week I played piano for a cute little 11 year old and Sister Brough (missionary). They sung A Child's Prayer. Or more appropriately, "La prière d'un enfant."

We have one investigator that I am teaching how to play piano. That's fun :)

Happy week to everyone. Peace and blessings.

Love, Elder Coburn

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