Monday, November 1, 2010

Things are peachy like cream. Let's see.

Mama comes to mind first. She is an ANGEL. Remember how she had knee surgery about 7 weeks ago? well ok listen- she lives about a five minute walk from the church. Yesterday we were getting worried because she hadn't shown up for the first 20 minutes of church. We went outside to look for her, and we saw someone really far away moving really slowly. MAMA!!! She had struggled to church through the cold for FIFTY minutes!!! Needless to say, she now has endless families lined up to give her rides. I wish you could see her faith. On top of it all, she is getting pressure from some of her family. She has told us about it all and how she has been SO strong and just told her family no. Mama has such a strong testimony of the church because of the acts of charity that she has seen from us and the members. All that charity wrapped up in the Holy Ghost makes a pretty sure testimony. She is a Saint. We have taught her everything she needs before baptism and we still have 2 weeks left. She wants to come to America and meet you guys. Haha, the language barrier would be a bit of a hazard.

Yesterday there was a baptism at our chapel. It was a different ward, but they had to use our font. We had to fill the font and get all the stuff ready, so that was fun. The font hadn't been cleaned in a while, so as the water began to rise we noticed an incredible amount of dead bugs floating to the top. Naturaly, I had to role up my pants and climb in to scoop them out. Then we discovered that the water was ICE COLD. After cleaning up bugs and pulling my frozen legs out of the font, we commenced to dump small trashcans of steaming hot water in the font. Before long, we had used all the hot water in the church, and the water was still cold. Lets just hope we come up with something better for Mama's baptism, or she might have a heart attack in the cold and keel over. We would have to just baptize her quick.

Dominique made crepes for us this week for breakfast. That was a good morning :) He is still coming to church just as faithful as ever.

We bible bashed on Saturday night. Sick. Hated every second of it. It completely ruined my night. Spirit? No. Bad feelings? Yes. Eww. Eww. Eww. I got so mad. I just sat there and watched with my fingers in 20 different scriptures ready to throw at him. Eww.

We got let in while knocking doors this week :) It was the first time on Elder Hann's mission that that has happened.

We had a great rendez-vous with and man named Esaie (Isaiah in French). We've been teaching him for a while. He told us that he needs to quit smoking before he gets baptized. We didn't even know he smoked! I told him, "Esaie, we are here as representatives of Christ to tell you that He wants you to go the next 24 hours without smoking. We'll come back at the same time tomorrow and see how it's going." He agreed, but then had to call and cancel our rendez-vous the next day. He is really cool though.

The big french strike is going strong. Manifestations, riot police around Evry, and not very many trains or buses.

We have a rocking week set up already. Two families are having us over for dinner. Thats a big change :)

Lately I have been really grateful for my testimony. It really is the most precious thing that I have. At home I got tossed around so much by my wants and desires. I thought it was so important to fit in, and so important to be up to date with coolness. Of course, an attitude like that can't change over night, but it can change. A testimony can't be cultivated overnight, but it can be cultivated. My testimony is why I am here. My testimony is the root of every good thing that has ever happened to me. My testimony puts me in the place where I desire to listen to my parents, and church leaders. Most importantly, my testimony puts me in a place where I desire to listen to the Lord. It's suppposed to be like that.

Well, take all my love and give it a hug. After, it's getting cold and we all need someone to hold.

Brilliant last line? Maybe, but I'm not conceited :)


Elder Ben Coburn

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