Monday, December 6, 2010

First of all. I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PACKAGE :) Best day of my life. Mom, you said that that Christmas tree of love was an inspired idea, and I am here to say it was. I cried when I was reading it. Not too much though, I am a man remember. The Christmas tree is now up on my wall, with all the wrapped presents below it. It is our only tree :)

WE GET TO TALK ON THE PHONE IN 19 DAYS!!!! I don't have a countdown or anything though. Yesterday we had a lesson about Elder Ballards talk. It was the one when he talked about the relationship between fathers and sons. If anything has made me miss home lately more than that, I don't know what it was. I have a good dad ya know. Le meilleure, je dirais.

The other morning I was on exchanges in a town named Torcy with the zone leaders. When I came out of the shower there were two 'dead' elders lying on the floor with ketchup all over their white shirts and frothing from their mouths. Then the third elder turned the corner and held me at gun point. Cap gun point that is. Then the ketchup zombies started chasing me so I spent ten minutes running around the apartment not trying to get ketchup on me.

Fontainebleau in the snow last week was probably the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I couldn't have lived there though. Napoleons bed was too short for me.

We had family home evening with the Kamande family (just the dad is a member). I brought paper and markers and then me and all the kids drew the plan of salvation for our lesson. We sang hymns and played games too. Then we had a fab dinner with them. Like, FAB. We're doing the same thing tonight.

I don't know how long mom waited this year to turn the heat on, but we just barely got our radiators to work this week. It has been FREEZING. Sometimes we would open the front door and use a fan to blow in warm air from the hallway. Well, a guy from the ward came, fiddled with sonething, cleaned a filter, and now we're warm.

So far we have 4 Christmas invites from members. The bummer is that transfers are on the 22nd. I may not even be here to reap the bounty. Oh well.

I am having a 1/4 life crisis. I'm just a boy still, why do I keep growing up? I want to stay this age forever. Or at least for like 5 more years. I feel like I know everything, but I hardly know anything. Do all kids go through that? I remember thinking the same thing when I was 15.

At church yesterday we had a Christmas meal after all the meetings. Why did I come to France for my mission? Food.

Speaking of, we had a second lesson with the Kamandes later in the week, but we didn't want them to feed us because they have so much lately. We told them that we could only stay an hour, then we had to go. Then we walked by the kitchen and saw dinner cooking. Fail. Then at the end she told us she had made something for us. She ran into the kitchen and came back out with a chocolate cake. A WHOLE CHOCOLATE CAKE. It was huge.

I got to skidaddle.

Elder Benny Boy C

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