Monday, December 6, 2010

In a bit of a rush today. We are doing emails then running off to Fontainebleau while there is still snow on the ground :) Fontainebleau was Napoleon's crib a few hundred years ago. Cool yeah? Today is the first day of snow this year too- we have about an inch. Elder Hann is peeing himself.

Well, its been another fab week. We had our zone turkey bowl on Friday so I still got a taste of Thanksgiving despite being in France. Our team was the 'Stem of Jesse' and we played the 'Golden Calves.' I hate to brag, but I had three touchdowns down the length of the field, intercepted a few, and threw the game winner touchdown in the "next point wins" stage. But I don't wanna brag. Ohkay...

To go back to Evry afterwards we had to go through Paris, but there weren't any trains there for over an hour. Well... friday night date night anyone? Paris is BRILLIANT during Christmas.

This week we saw one less active man for the first time. He is 57 and lives all alone. We just sat there and listened to him for 2 hours. He cried a couple times. There were a lot of times we could've said something to "help" him, but mainly we just listened. At the end he told us that it was the best meeting he has had with missionaries in 15 years. He said "You know what? I'm going to come to church on Sunday." And he did.

This week after English class it was POURING. Well, we didn't have any umbrellas so Sis McClaine and I wore trashbags with little holes for our faces. I don't think French people do that much, because they sure looked at us funny.

On Saturday we helped an old lady move basically all day long. I guess I need to excercise more because I could barely move on Sunday. She had so much stuff. So. Much. Stuff. I'm more than a little bit glad I'm not there to help with our move. Good luck!!

Oh, also yesterday I almost threw up at a lunch appointment with some Africans. I kind of wanted to throw up because I thought it would be a good story, but I didn't. But eww. I used to love African meals. We've got another one tonight though so I'm holding my breath.

We got two referrals at church yesterday. Straight up, cold, hard referrals. That was a new experience :)

Well, sorry this is really rushed. I love you. Off into the snow! :)

Elder Coburn

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