Monday, December 27, 2010

Well. I think we pretty much hammered out most of our nuts and bolts during our 2 and a half hour conversation on Christmas :) SO. GOOD. There's a good way to make you miss home. Even if it is a 'home' that you've only seen pictures of.

Here is the moral of the story: I LOVE it here. Let me just make you a little list of the things I love: the city of Brest, the ocean, our car, lighthouses, the 5 hour train ride here, the members, Christmas, Elder Huff, patisseries for breakfast, and else. You could say that I am the happiest I've been on my mission. Eek!

Our very first morning here Elder Huff(lepuff) and I drove out to Le Conquet. It is the furthest west penninsula in France and the closest that we're ever going to get to America. We could've swam. We just drove out there, walked around the beach and the lighthouse, ate patisseries and talked about everything we wanted to do during the transfer. We both took our family pictures and stuff out there so we could get to know each other. I like him a lot. Its been the best first week with a new companion so far.

Ok, Christmas. Seven hour long, seven course meal in the middle of the Bretagne country side. Chicken, escargo, vegetables, shrimp, scallops, salmon, cheeses, foie gras, ice cream, fruit, macarons, etc, etc. I gained like 2 kilos.

Christmas morning we opened presents and I was highly relieved to see that all my presents weren't 'thermal underwear' like mom had declared on the package. Phewww :)

There is a 'missionary grandma' here that gives us lunch every sunday afternoon named Mami-cia. She is like 85 and I just want to hug and kiss her. She had us over for Christmas eve and she treated us like kings. She reminds me a lot of my own grandma. Hah, everytime she would crack a joke she would turn to me with a great big smile and make sure I was laughing. She is the CUTEST.

On Wednesday I was alone for 8 hours while I was waiting for Elder Huff to get here. I was playing piano at the church all alone when a guy rung the doorbell. He asked me about some people that I didn't know, and where they were. I was like "franchment monsieur, j'ai aucune idée." I was about to turn him away when he told me his name was Frank. Frank?! I remembered his name from what the old missionaries in Brest had told me. We I invited him in and him and I sat down and had ourselves a little lesson. I played a song for him on piano too :) We mainly talked about families and Christmas, but it was way neat.

I gave a talk yesterday about L'amour du Christ. The love of Christ. It was the first talk I've actually given in France. It went way well. It was all about Christmas.


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