Monday, February 21, 2011

Doesn't time just go too fast? I think so.

I have basically been high for the last week. Well, on a high that is. The work is going so well here.

I don't even know where to start. Let's get the big picture first: This whole transfer the zone of Bretagne has been trying to get all the companionships to have 10 lessons a week. Impossible right? We're in France and nobody believes in God, right? We had ten lessons last week! We are teaching more than I have been my whole mission.

We have been trying to be more 'consecrated' missionaries lately. Part of that includes being more productive with our Sunday afternoons. Usually we kind of hang out at the church for two long then eat with members all day. Yesterday after church we were like "ok, lets get out of here and go find more people to teach." So we contacted for an hour and there were literally only 3 people that we passed on the road. Luckily, the third try is the charm. We were like "hey we're missionaries, etc, etc." Then this 20 year old man responds in broken French that he wasn't interested. I noticed his accent and responded in French again with something like "where are you from buddy?" he was like "england" So then we threw French out the window and literally shouted "YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!!" Then we talked for 10 minutes in the middle of a busy roundabout and he explained to us the he doesn't not believe in God, he just hasn't been to church since he was 6. Longstory short, it was a perfect contact, he ended up asking us if we did "discussions", and we got all his info and set up a rendez-vous for Friday. His name is James.

Another time this week we were doing a "consecrated hour." It's when we choose a road, a specific time, and for that hour we literally contact every single human we see. It involves running across the road, stopping people on their bikes, and even contacting cute girls that I would never dare talk to otherwise (I for reals poop my pants some times). So we were doing this and had been getting shut down like crazy for 45 mintues straight. I was tired and sick of talking people when I flagged down this guy riding his bike up the sidewalk. And then basically... we went to a park with him and spent the next hour teaching him about God. His name is Kevin.

We have a longtime investigator that is ready for baptism except for some legal problems because of his handicap. We've been trying to get that sorted out for ages, but this week we actually did it. We had the branch mission leader come with us one night and after a rollercoaster lesson its finally all sorted out. We are just waiting for the his advisors to get in contact with the church leaders and then we will have his baptism soon thereafter. Its possible that I'll still be in Brest for his baptism but I'm not sure. His name is Michel.

Miracles a plenty. I miss home but I wouldn't want to be there.

Before I finish my email I wanted to tell you about how I learned the meaning of prayer this week. On Tuesday morning I was having a really hard time and I just felt really down despite all the success we've been having. We actually ended up not even leaving the apartment in the morning and instead we both just kept reading scriptures and studying all morning. There came a point when I couldn't understand why I was feeling so down and so I went into our bedroom to pray. I prayed, and it was a type of prayer that I've never had before. In my journal I wrote "I spoke with God today. Truly. It was the first time in a long time I've prayed out loud for a personal prayer. I just talked to Heavenly Father for a long time and I have never felt his presence like I did then. It was a tangible comfort that he was there. It was real." I wrote a lot more, but basically that morning has defined my life ever since. It's not that I ever doubted that God was there, but it is a whole new matter entirely to really know that he is there. This life is so short, but how often do we forget that just because we can't feel the Heavenly Father is there? How often do we break the little rules because we're thinking about everything but what we should be? On Tuesday morning it felt like God was standing just on the other side of my bedroom curtains where the light was coming in. He is so close to us during our lives on earth. I know that He lives, our Heavenly Father, and I know that Christ lives. I have never known it like I do know.

Well, I loved reading your emails. I hope you enjoy going on a CRUISE WITHOUT ME!! Gee wiz. And I call you my family. I'm going to go play piano for a couple hours now while Elder Huff does his emails. I'm writing a few songs :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE :))))))))))))))

Elder Coburn

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