Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sooooooo :) Life is good. Almost too good. There are some days when it's like, "ugghh.. another day" but usually there are days when I can't imagine not being here, doing what I'm doing, and knowing who I know.

First of all, Elder Huff and I are both staying in Brest another transfer! We are happy as clams. I feel like such a big grown up going into TRANSFER FIVE. Of course, realizing that it is 5 out of 16 makes me look a little younger. It's okay though, I wouldn't want to be any further in my mission than I am. I think it is so important to be able to live in the moment. So many people in life are always just waiting impatiently for the next thing to happen. In college we were all like "oh, I can't wait till my mission when life will be so good." Now on our missions everyone is like "i can't wait till I'm home when life will be so good." When does it stop? New missionaries don't want to be new, junior companions don't want to be junior, and senior companions can't wait till that day when they become a district or zone leader. I think that dis-satisfaction with the present is sometimes a result of pride. When we're proud we think we're better than the moment around us and that we deserve better. We have trouble humbling ourselves to our circumstances. The problem is that our prideful appetites are never going to be filled. Yes, it is good to look forward to change, but if you can't ever be happy with where you're at then are you going to be an effective missionary? an effective father? ...just food for the though :)

So this whole transfer we've been just finding and finding and finding and saying "what the heck? where are all our amis?" I always saw a lot of patience and humility in Elder Huff's ability to keep going everyday despite our huge lack of investigators. I get frustrated really easily and if I don't see results I start freaking out. So that's basically the story of the transfer. Then this past week, the last week of the transfer, everything has been changing. We have just seen so clearly the Lord's hand directing his work here. It's like He is saying "here, you've shown me your patience, now show me your humility as I shower you with blessings." This past week we have met so many new people, given them Books of Mormon, and had rendez-vous with some of them. We taught a Romanian family twice, taught a recent-convert's friend that is going to give her and her kids a ride to church, and have a rendez-vous set with a young African couple that have invited us to their home. WE ARE BLESSED :) On top of it all, our investigator Michel is literally an inch away from baptism and we are just working on figuring out his legality stuff so that we're actually allowed to baptize him.

Cool fact: our branch mission leader and I were baptized on the same day: April 10, 1999. We figured that out this week while we we're eating fajitas at his house. (french fajitas are sooo not legit).

So on top of this whole miracle thing that Brest is in the middle of, it is currently "Soldes" in France. It is the biggest, cheapest, country wide sale. Like, everything is at least half off. Well can Benjamin resist a couple of killer deals on french clothing? Not so much. That's all i'll say. And Elder Huff and I look good. Ok. Good.

Well I lovvvvve you :)
France loves you :)

Elder Coburn

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