Monday, February 14, 2011

Okay okay okay. Here we go :)

A HUGE apology for not being able to write last week. Here is my excuse:

I left BREST early monday morning and went to ST. MALO (thats where all the beack pictures are). From there we went and spent the night at RENNES. We left early the next morning and went to NANTES and then ANGERS. We stayed the day in Angers for leadership conference. We slept in a hotel in Angers, and then finished leadership conference the next day. That evening we went to LE MANS and then back to Rennes to spend the night again because we couldn't get all the way back home in one day. The next morning we went to ST. BRIEUC when we decided we should do our exchanges with the elders there. So after that and after 4 hectic days of literally travelling all over North-Western France we got back to home sweet home: Brest.

I am so sick of trains. Otherwise, France is gorgeous.

Ok... time for the miracle story. Marion and Christelle are a young African couple that have only been in France for a month and a half. They are students. We have had two lessons with them and they came to church for all 3 hours yesterday. THEY ARE SO GOOD. You can't not feel the Spirit when you are over there. On Saturday night we watched the Restoration with them after teaching the first lesson. Afterwards I asked them what they felt. Marion said "I feel the truth, and I feel that it is real." Christelle smiled and said "I already know that it is true because since we came to Brest I have been FASTING and PRAYING to find the right church." She said that they were fasting the day that they met us on the street. They are both reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. The Branch loves them. We already have two more rendez-vous set up for this week. If that isn't a miracle then I don't think that miracles exist. I know that it was pre-arranged by our Heavenly Father. What if we had just been lazy the day that we met them and had decided not to go out contacting? Miracles will happen when you believe in them.

So I hear Jordan gave a talk at church yesterday? Me too! I talked about repentance and the sacrifice of Christ. It was way better than I had expected it to be. En plus, c'était en français, donc... je suis pratiquement le meilleur.

Today is Mamie-cia's 78th birthday. She is our missionary grandma :) We profited from the sales and got her a 5 euro sweater that she can wear to church. It is blue, her favorite color. We gave it to her this morning and sang to her. Then we ate cheese, bread, far breton, and sang hymns. I love her. She also gave me a miniature sword (a foot and a half) that used to be her husbands because she saw that I liked it (I was tromping up and down the hallway being Jack Sparrow and treating her like my cherie).

At leadership conference I got EIGHT letters handed to me from the mission home. Lots of letters from Christmas n' such. From everybody that I love.

Last week Elder Huff and I found an old bike in the forest with no brakes and flat tires... so... naturally we took it to the top of the biggest and muddiest hill that we could find. Then we tried to kill ourselves riding down it in our suits and ties. Yesss.

An update on the cute primary kids of Brest: I LOVE THEM. Sometimes I'll be in the chapel playing piano when little Nathan and Alyssa run in and start dancing to my songs. One time they came in and 2 year old Alyssa plopped herself on the piano bench and started tinkering on the keys with me. I couldn't help it so I was like "Alyssa, fais moi la bise." RIGHT AWAY she reached her little head up and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. AHHH!!!

Also, there was an adorable little Asian girl on the bus this week with her mom. I would make a face at her, she would look up to make sure her mom wasn't looking, then she would bust up laughing and smile back. We did it for several stops before she got off.

Well, there are tons of things I want to tell you but most of it will just have to wait another 16 months. Know that I love you.

Je vous aime trop.

Elder Coburn

"Heavenly Father knows where the treasure is for our lives, and all we have to do is ask for the clues." -President Staheli

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