Monday, January 23, 2012

Good morning :) Here I am once again sitting in an internet café, in the morning time on a sunny but cold winter day in France. Yes mom, I have gotten some good stuff during the sales. I have a lot of sweaters. I have some weird obsession with sweaters. I just can't stop buying them. Who doesn't want to hang out in an awesome sweater?

We got a text this morning from Pascale inviting us to lunch at a restaurant this Saturday. We will see how it goes. It is actually the second time that she has made contact with us again, but the last time (about a week ago) wasn't a very happy thing to talk about so I didn't write about it last week. We got all excited and were going to see her again, but then she ended up canceling on us. Not very nicely though... I love her so much and feel so bad for her and her cancer. It is especially tearing at us because we know how much the Christ can help her. Will you pray for Saturday with us? Thanks :)

Did you guys see the new website for the Paris temple? It doesn't look like your normal temple and no one is quite sure if there will be an angel Moroni on top, but we are all just happy to have a temple. The members here are so thankful and they talk about it nonstop. I think they said it will take about three years to complete.

Did I tell you last week about Dino? He is the one that just walked into the church last week by himself. He is so legit. We fixed a baptismal date with him for Febuary 11th. He is so funny because French is like is 5th language and when he says the "ten commandments" he says "les dix mandaments" instead of "les dix COmandaments." He is cool.

OH. I love chinese people. I am pretty convinced that they are the elect race. On friday night Elder Godfrey and I got invited to a chinese new year celebration at on of the universities in Lille. We only new the one chinese girl that invited us, but we made lots of friends and invited like a million people to English class. They are so nice!! We ate rice, sweet and sour chicken, and like shrimp crackers and all that good stuff. I like how Chinese people party. Calm, happy, and no alcohol or anything :) Good thing I will soon have a most-of-the-way chinese sister-in-law :)

Did Jordan end up doing the musical then? How is that going? Has Caleb picked a date? Is Ohio as awesome as I remember it? I have a lot of Ohio pride. All my companions get put up to date with some cool Ohio facts (only state with a not rectangular state flag, invented the hot dog, first traffic light system, 7 US presidents, NFL hall of fame, rock n' roll hall of fame, etc...). Ohio rocks.

Ok. I love you so much.
Love, Elder Coburn

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