Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello! What a pleasant week! Our zone is doing awesome. We had 17 new amis this week (compared to 19 during the entire last transfer) which is super satisfying to us because our workshop that we did with them last week was all about how to find new people. For ourselves, we started working with the most wonderful family ever. They are french and have two daughters ages, like 12 and 14. We got everyone together and read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon together. This family had been visited a long time ago in the past, but he told us that it was a lot more clear for them this time. There is so much love in their home. We also met a new ami this week named Dino. He is mid twenties and super fly. He came to the church all on his own because he "needs God's help to pass his driving test" and believes that Christ can help him. He came and participated really really well all through church. We gave him a blessing and we are going to see him again tonight.

We are finally getting our senior missionaries this afternoon. We have finally got an apartment for them, furnished it, and they are driving up today. They will be running the young adults center here. We are really excited for them.

"Les Soldes" are in full swing and will be taking up most of our Pday time today. Lots of cheap clothes.

Hmm... this week we also ate with a recent convert family from Tonga. The husband is a professional rugby player. That was cool. Such a good spirit in their home.

Caleb's engagement story is awesome. Jessica is awesome.

Missions are also awesome.

Sorry I don't have a lot more time, but I love you and am so proud that you are my family. Have an incredible week :)


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