Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I love life. I made a list of things I want to tell you about:
1) Highlighting. My new scriptures are a coloring book. Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow. One color for each aspect of the missionary purpose. Faith and the Atonement, Repentence, Baptism, Holy Ghost, Endure to the End. My teacher said it looks like a rainbow threw up in my scriptures.
2) Behind my desk is a French flag made out of construction paper. I draw a star on it around my name for each day we've been here. It's neat.
3) There is an Elder in my zone from the U.K. He is hilarious. The other day we were having a British conversation. Mid sentence he stopped me and said "I must say, your British accent is quite remarkable. It makes me really feel like I'm at home." Cool? I though so.
4) Elaine S. Dalton. I LOVE her. She gave the devotional on Tuesday night. It was about courage. Amazing. afterwards I went and said hi to her. I said something about how she has no idea how much A Brand New Year has changed me and about how I'm a missionary now. I started to cry a little bit just saying that to her and seeing her smile at me. The Spirit around her is so amazing. I remember she said "You still have your Brand New Year smile." When I said hi to her after the CES Fireside at BYU she said "how could I forget your smile?" In the devotional she said that if nothing else, you can testify to people just by smiling at them. When I was set apart as a missionary President Ward blessed me to "Smile, look in their eyes, and declare my testimony with patient boldness." Just look at Sister Dalton's smile. Look at President Monson's smile. The three commitments from BNY were to pray, read the scriptures, and SMILE. Smiling invites the Spirit and it helps others to trust you. My testimony can be expressed through a smile.
5) Last friday we had a special fireside to end the Mission President Seminar. I was sitting about 20 feet from the stand. Guess who was on the stand? Ok I'll tell you. Elders Bednar, Cook, Christofferson, Enderson, Oaks, Holland, Nelson, and Scott. Just to name the Apostles. Elder Oaks spoke. Amazing.
6) The TRC this week was SOOO good. The TRC is where French speaking volunteers come and roleplay as investigators. We did the contacting in French and the lesson in English. I loved the contacting and I loved the lesson. It felt so real. I guess it is so real when the Spirit is there. I love French. love love love.
7) Last night I received my first "MTC Pass-along." I was given the pink umbrella. It was been passed down through French speaking missionaries in the MTC for about a year. It is given to the best dancer. Naturally, I was seen doing the moonwalk, so I snatched the coveted pink umbrella.
8) I have been able to play piano a lot. Just hymns for fun during free time. It is so refreshing.
9) Yesterday I found out that I'm going to San Francisco next week on July 8th! We basically fly there, go to the French Consolate, get our Visas, eat lunch, and fly back. Be excited.
Enough with the numbers. I love it here. Mom, I'm glad you found the lanyard. Also, when you were talking to David R on the phone I could here him talking to you. I was just sitting down the hall. I knew pretty much exactly what you were saying without listening. How was Girls Camp? Also... I think it would be appropriate to send me my CD. My friend has a CD player. I kind of really really want to hear what Mike did with my songs. Dad, I'll just clarify that I did infact go the top of Mt. Timp. You sound wishy washy. Also, Dad, you'd be proud of my basketballing here. It's my favorite sport to play as of late.
The other night Elder Johnson told me that he loved me a lot. I said "Je t'aime aussi." He said "No. Not even in the French way. The American way."
So, let's face it. 8 hours of sleep a night is not enough for me. I am always exhausted. I've only taken one nap though. But, I drooled a little on my Book of Mormon. So that was nice.
Last week I was playing four square outside. I kind of dove/lunged for a ball, but I twisted my ankle and skinned my hand. I felt like a lesser version of Taylor. But it's all better now.
Our room had it's random weekly cleaning check yesterday. We got "Exalted." Yeah, it's better than Celestial.
Do you guys have any super plans for the 4th? We get to watch fireworks from the stadium :) I laugh so much here. I love my district. They're amazing. The food is good. I think the people that get sick of it are the ones that stuff their faces every meal. I like the wraps. Good thing they cost $6.50 at BYU. Anyhow. I love you. You're the best. Have a fab week. I'll do the same.
Love Love Love,
Elder Ben Coburn
Alma 7:24

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