Friday, July 16, 2010

Halfway to Paris

Goodmorning Coburn household, we're coming to you live from Provo, UT. Well folks, it's shaping up to be another hot one here in the valley. Slap on that sunscreen, grab your lawnchairs and hit the beach. That's right, bring the whole family for a day of fun and games. Don't forget, this is Elder Coburn live on the air with qMTC4991, so tune in those radio dials, turn in up loud, and settle in for a hot one.
Someday I'll be a radio host...
Okay. Yesterday was fabulous. Firstly, wait. K rewind.
I started speaking only French all the time on Monday. It is so much fun. It has gotten so much easier too, and it's good because it is helping everyone in the district want to speak it and understand it more. What I'm trying to say is, I haven't spoken English since Monday. My only exceptions are for when I see BYU friends and for singing.
So, Yesterday. Elder Johnson was in San Fran so I didn't have a companion. I had an tutor session and I taught the entire first lesson in FRENCH. It was SO good. Um, SO good. It just all came out how I needed it too. Guess what else? The Spirit speaks French too. Who'd have guessed? Anyway. It was really really fab and made my day.
The other thing that made my day yesterday was the following:
We were practicing one minute contacts with random people outside. We were talking to this one companionship (I had people to translate for me), and halfway through one of the elders was like "are you Ben Coburn?!" Then in my head I was like "dang it, dang it, who is he?" Then I looked at his name tag and firgured out. Ethan Kennedy!!!!!!! Who I haven't seen since we were best friends in primary!! He moved to Germany when we were so little and I haven't seen him since. Like 10 YEARS!!!! He is way cool. He is going to Poland on his mission. Cool huh? That's what I thought.
Also yesterday was good because Caleb sent me a letter. I had gone two days with no letters. It was bad news bears. That's why we love Caleb. He sends me 2 or 3 a week. Also he told me that he saw some BNY kids and I was jeaulous. What I'm saying is this: you can write me whenever and I will just be as happy as a plum.
P days are pretty boring because the temple is closed. This morning I talked to David R. for about an hour. I started missing home a lot when he was telling me about how he had been texting his mom.
Remember how a while ago I said that I wasn't sick of the food yet? Lies. It is all becoming the same. Clearly I would rather have Mom's meals a couple times a week than have these meals. Even is they are more consistent.
Elder Johnson and I do work. At the beginning of this week we had two "progressive investigators" that are just like investigators but role playing. We have to set up our own appointments and decide what to teach n' such. I don't know what we were thinking, but we now have 6 progressive investigators, with another one planned. The most I've ever heard of anyone having is 7. Most people have 2 or 3, but it's all optional. So we are going to be a little busy in between classes. But, for me that is the best way to prepare to go into the field.
Today is our halfway mark in the MTC. Crazy huh? 4.5 down, 4.5 to go. I hope the next half goes as fast as the first half. I want to be in France so bad. After I taught the first lesson to Frere Howell he said that I'm almost fluent. That sure made me happy. Frere Howell has only been off his mission from France for a couple months too, so I like his advice. He is way neat. All the teachers here are way neat. French is way neat. The scriptures are way neat. French scriptures are also, way neat. I'm really scared to start marking my French scriptures. They've got to be perf.
Darn it, I had lots of good scriptures to give at the end of my email but I don't have my planner with me where they're all written. Just know that they're good. And most of them are about being happy. Naturally.
Elder Coburn

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