Friday, July 9, 2010

Week #3

E-mailing may be the most stressful part of my P-day (which is officially Friday) because of those little red numbers in the top corner of the screen that count down a half an hour. If you don't finish and send your email in half an hour it kicks you off. Silly little red numbers.
I'm not in a threesome anymore. We got a new elder in our district that is now companions with Elder Flores. So now I'm in a normal companionship again with Elder Johnson like I was originally. I like it. It is a lot less stressful so far.
Yesterday was fab. I went to San Francisco and back. We got up at 4 to go catch our flight. One guy in the airport bought Elder Hales and I doughnuts because he said he never gets to feed the missionaries in Utah. In San Francisco we had a shuttle driver who took us to the French Consolate to get our visas. We got fingerprinted and signed some stuff, and that was about it. So then we had 4 hours to kill. Our shuttle driver took us to Pier 39 for most of the time. Elder Hales and I (neither of our companions were on the trip) walked around together and spoke French most of the time. Clam chowder, lunch, amazing. There are SO many church members in the world. While we were walking around there were 11 Mormon families that stopped and said hi to us. I want to wear my name tag all the time just to find all the members. But, it is crazzzzy how many people look at you when you are a missionary! Everybody does! We were told not to proselite because our proseliting licenses are only for France, but we talked to a few people who asked us stuff. Oh. Then we went to Ghiradeli Square. Chocolattttte. Is so DANG good. Then we went home and got back to Provo in the evening. Good little day trip. San Francisco is so cool.
We got to watch the fireworks last Saturday night. They were good. We didn't get to hear the Carrie concert from the stadium though. Not so good. They herded us into a "musical dramatization" so that people wouldn't sit outside and listen to the concert. Bummer.
People laugh at me when I eat my ice cream sandwiches with silverware...
So maybe I don't want to get chocolate in my front teeth.
Testimony meeting on Sunday was so good. In French of course. I was the only one from my district that bore my testimony. I had planned out some French stuff to say, but when I was up there I just said whatever came to mind and it came out in French. I LOVE it. French that is. And testimonies. I guess I'm trying to say that I love French testimonies.
I got a haircut. The longest they will cut the sides in the mtc is 1/2 inch. That's cruel. Clearly it's not my best look.
The TRC this week was super. Elder Johnson and I teach a mean 2nd lesson. With the Spirit of course. We committed our "investigator" to baptism. Yesss. Also, Sister Watson (the French lady who I had dinner at her house) and her little daughter were there volunteering. Everyone was like "Oh! Elder so and so got the native French speaker! that's so hard!" But then I poked my head in and talked to her and her daughter in French and I found them perfectly charming. Her daughter is presh.
Thanks for the mail. Caleb is a rad mail sender. So are Mom and Dad and Josh. Thanks for dem chips mama.
I found a new favorite scripture this week. I think it is cliche to be set on one favorite scripture, but this on is SO SO good. It is so happy. It is about how happy you can be, in this case, after you do missionary work. Funny how that worked out. Alma 26:16. If I get a missionary plaque, I want that one on it.
Elder Ben Coburn

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