Friday, July 30, 2010

J'aime l'evangile

CLEVELAND :) I'm content about our family moving there. It's still in Ohio. I was pretty excited about Denver being a prospect, seeing as it's close to Utah, but I think Cleveland will tickle my fancy just fine. The new company is Graphtec? What do they do?
Jordan. Your letter was hilarious. I laughed out loud many times. I'm glad you're tan. And done with swimming.
Mom. Dang it. All our peaches getting eaten right before we pick them seems to be a trend. Too bad we won't be there to try again next year.
On Sunday I gave a talk in French. It was the kind of talk where they just call you out of the congregation. I spoke about knowledge and diligence. It went really well. I also got randomly called up for the closing prayer. Participation points.
So, I auditioned for a special musical number. I sang a really cool arrangement of 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives.' Elder Hales played piano and Elder Godfrey played cello. We practiced a few times throughout the week last week, and the audition was yesterday. It went WAY well. The thing is, there were so many talented people, and I don't have that much time left in the MTC, so I don't know if I'll get a place. But if so it would be in front of 2,500ish missionaries for a devotional or fireside :) Cross your fingers.
Time is going so fast. Two and a half weeks and I am living in France. It seems like I just sent my last email yesterday. We got all our new French missionaries on Wednesday. 63 of them. Obviously we don't have a lot of time to just sit down and talk with them, but from the ones I've talked to they're really neat. Mainly it's a game of charades when I talk to them, but some understand French really well. On Wednesday I got to host new missionaries, meaning, I was one of the ones that picks them up at the curb and takes them around to get all their stuff and find their class. I hosted 3 missionaries. I bought them all clips for their nametags because when I was new I wanted one so dang bad and I didn't know where to get them. It felt like I was an efy counselor or something. By that I mean I felt like I was Richie, because buying nametag clips seems like something nice that he would do.
The temple is finally reopen and we get to go today! Oh good :)
Last Sunday I talked to a missionary from Switzerland for a long time. I loved it. He speaks real French.
I haven't eaten sugar since Tuesday. I haven't had pop since before the MTC. I drink a V8 every once in a while to make myself feel healthy. They're disgusting.
The other day it rained while we were playing 4 square out in front of the temple. It was one of my favorite moments here. Despite being a wimpy rain, it rememinded me of Ohio and the summer.
Last night we all sang in the hallway because there is a missionary that is leaving. He finally got his Visa for New Caledonea. I love when we all sing French hymns together. 90 French missionaries singing 'God be with You till we Meet Again' in French.
Gene R. Cook gave an exceptionally powerful fireside the other day. One of his 7 main points was how we should use music to spread the gospel, and how we can use it to contact or get to know people. I liked that a lot.
You guys are writing really good letters. They make my days.
Love, Ben

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