Wednesday, July 7, 2010

letter #1 from the MTC

Dearest Family in the World,
I love you lots. I love the gospel lots.
1)There is so much good in everything here. The teachers are amazing, and the Spirit is amazing.
2) French is the best. I am learning it so fast. Everything is coming back. We learned to pray in French on the first full day. It all makes sense. I don't even have to cheat off of my book to pray anymore! Granted, I only have a few things I can be thankful for and a few things I can ask for. Yesterday I was talking to some French sisters who are almost done in the MTC. They are going to Temple Square. They told me my French was amazing for only being here 3 days. The thing is, is that I didn't learn what I was saying. I learned it 3 years ago, but it was nothing I could've remembered how to say before I cam in the MTC. And when I was talking to them I didn't even think about what I was about to say. It just came out. Lastnight I had a half hour conversation with my friend from BYU in French. I could say almost everything I wanted to.
3) I am in a tripanionship. My companions are Elder Flores and Elder Johnson. It is kind of challenging because Elder Flores is from Mexico and isn't completely confident in English yet, so French is still a little bit out of the question. I have a hard time getting him to participate with us. It's hard because I want to just speak French all the time but then that excludes him. Elder Johnson is from Arizona. He plays sports. I decided to try studying the Godhead as a good example of a tripanionship.
3) I leave for France about August 16. We get to go to San Fransisco to get our visas. Ah yeah.
Please use Dear Elder to write me while I'm in the MTC. It is easier for me to read.
I love you lots. My PDay is Saturday. Hope you're having fun in Utah.
Love, Elder Ben Coburn

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